Having Your Own Personal Online
Running Coach Will Help You Run Faster
Than Ever Before

  • Having an online running coach can be the best thing you’ll ever do for your distance running, training and all-around fitness.
  • If you've been self-coached, like I was for many years, you have probably had inconsistent results, with many highs and lows.
  • With no consistent training plan, and dealing with injury after injury I felt like I was running around in circles in a maze with no way out!

Boston marathon training

Hi, this is Franc Karpo of Distance Running Tips. Along with  DRT head coach, (and age-grade National Champion), Reno Stirrat, we are here to help you get in the best shape possible and achieve peak fitness.

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way...

Distance Running Tips Coach - Reno Stirrat

So I tried many of the training schedules  that I read about in books or running magazines, but I still was running inconsistently and my race times just seemed to plateau.

But it wasn't until my friend Mark went from a 3:10 marathoner to a 2:30 marathoner in one year that I began to see the light. (He did this in his mid-thirties.)

I asked him what his secret was and he just kind of winked at me and said… "coaching!"

Knocking 40 minutes off a 3:10 marathoners 'PR' was incredible and made me realize that he was on to something.

I believed that I had never reached my running potential but that all changed when I hooked up with Mark’s coach, Reno Stirrat.  And That's When Everything Changed...

Check this out… with Reno’s coaching I went (in less than a year) from…

• 4:54 to 4:44 in the mile
• 17:15 to 16:23 in the 5K
• 28:20 to 27:35 in the 8K

And I did this at age 37 when runners are supposed to be past their prime!

I was running so well that I only wish I ran a 10K and a marathon that year... runners greed! :o)

So now you know why I’m sold on Reno’s running coach online training methods.

Rave Comments From One Of Our Runners
Who Ran An Amazing Boston Marathon

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Without Reno as my coach, my plus 10 minute Boston Marathon P.R. NEVER would've been possible!.”

After Boston Qualifying on my own in a 50+ p.r. at the Lehigh Valley Marathon in Sept 2013, I did some looking in and around my age groups on the results page at the Boston website for the 2013 race. Being from South Florida, I had no clue how to train for Boston.

One man stood out on that stat sheet. Reno Stirrat, 2nd age 55-59 in 2:47 at Boston 2013 and running the course in perfect splits and even pace!

"I would proclaim a somewhat ludicrous goal to Reno in my initial phone conversation. I wanted a Grand Master p.r. by 10 minutes, and to run negative splits at Boston.

All the while having NEVER ran this race, let alone NEVER setting my eyes on the course. FACT. The first time I ever saw this fabled course was while running it!

With Reno's description of it, the strategy he would provide me with and the video he sent me of it. I felt like I was 100% prepared mentally along with the physically and timely tough workouts he had me do in his plan. I was confident as ever from that first phone call to debut at Boston.

The proof in the pudding. 10:13 p.r. in 2:48:31 at age 52! By the way, I also ran 39 seconds negative split. 1:24:35 / 1:23:56. Something that is nearly impossible at Boston. Facts of the numbers are a stubborn thing to ignore. But I can say without a doubt, Reno got me to exactly what I thought was a crazy goal! Without Reno as my coach, this NEVER would've been possible!

Thank you so much coach, for taking the guess work out is it and truly helping me reach goals that deep down I thought were not possible!

Brian Keno 
Fort Lauderdale, FL

5 Powerful Reasons Why We Can Help
You Reach Your Running Potential

Sure, there are a lot of good coaches, however most of them even come close to offering such results driven coaching. Check it out for yourself!

1. Personalized Coaching. Many online coaches do not have that 'personal' touch. We pride ourselves in building relationships, not in just how many runners we have.

Email is convenient and it’s a big part of our communication, but you will actually get to talk to coach on the phone.

"A running relationship needs to be based on trust, honesty and respect. I found this to be the case with Reno and Franc from the very beginning when I decided to seek an online running coach. For that I have to thank them both forever."

"It is the approach and techniques they offer to running which contributes to improvement of performance. This takes place with great RESPECT for the BODY. This is a mature attitude to running. Make no mistake the thrill will be inside you as a runner but

needs to be brought out by the right coach."

Eleni Barbetsea 
Dumfries, Scotland
John Doe UI/UX Designer

2. A Proven Track Record So You Can Feel Confident. Not only has Reno been a successful coach… he’s an awesome runner.

He is one of the best 60-64 year old runners in the country. In 1989 he won the Cape Cod Marathon in brutal conditions. Reno ran this race again (October 2007) and a new course record in the 50-59 age group with a 2:45:47.

In 2009 he become a national champion with a first place victory in the 55-59 division for the USATF 5K championships with a 16:45 in Syracuse, NY.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"After 18 marathons and four years of a dramatic drop off in my marathon times, I seriously considered if marathoning was going to be in my future much longer."

"Reno and Franc put together a training program for me that was instrumental for me getting back on track and I was able to post
one of my best marathons ever!"​

Mike Hovagimian
Hopkinton, MA

3. Customized Training Schedules. These are NOT 'cookie cutter' training schedules for running! Based on your answers to your client questionnaire, we will create a uniquely designed running coach online training program specifically geared to your running needs and goals. This is a super important benefit!

You will be confident that our online running coach program is exactly what you need to run your best because it will be created especially for you.

"Reno has been so amazing to put together a personal program for me. I wasn't sure how much I would be able to improve, but in just six weeks I took over two minutes off my 5K time!"

Shannon Elliott 
Clifton, NJ
John Doe UI/UX Designer

4. Inspiration And Motivation. When you start to feel yourself getting stronger and see the results in faster race times, you’ll be even more inspired and motivated to keep on with the running coach online system and having continued improvement.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I had more than a five minute improvement in my 5K time in eight weeks working with coach Reno!"

Leslie Scheideler
Brookline, MA

5. Mind-Body Training. Not only will you receive great coaching from a physical standpoint, you’ll also learn about what it takes mentally to achieve your goals. It’s a rare treat to get into the head of a 2:19 marathoner!

It doesn't matter what level of a runner you are, i.e. total novice, recreational, age group competitor or elite athlete, Reno's running coach online training system will and has worked for runners of all abilities.

If you're looking to improve your running and racing times and achieve your best possible fitness no matter what your age, our personalized training schedules for running are designed to do just that.

Running is a stressful sport and doing it yourself without having an experienced running coach to guide your training is like shooting arrows at a bulls-eye blindfolded!

Occasionally you will have a good race, but to have consistent results, to score that bulls-eye and run at your peak... you need a running coach.

distance running coach

Running Training Programs That Are  
Designed To Help You Run Faster And
With Fewer Injuries Than Ever Before

Basic Training Package 

  • Initial phone consultation
  • A review of your training and past performance
  • Weekly training schedule
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence
  • Weekly training review

The Investment for the Basic Training Package is:

- One month: $125.00
- Three months: $300.00 ($100.00 per month)
- Six Months: $525.00 ($87.00 per month)

And for those who want the very best in coaching...

Deluxe Training Package 

This is the running coach online package that most people select, because you get the most value for your dollar and additional specific benefits and features to help you run your best.

Not only do you get everything in the Basic Package, i.e.

  • Initial phone consultation
  • A review of your training and past performance
  • Weekly training schedule
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence
  • Weekly training review

The Deluxe Package also includes...

  • Running specific strength, (including core area) training program
  • Race strategy and performance tips
  • Running form analysis
  • Plyometric running drills
  • Weekly 15 minute personal phone call with coach Reno

The Investment for the Deluxe Training Package is:

- One month: $150.00
- Three months: $375.00 ($125.00 per month)
- Six Months: $650.00 ($108.00 per month)

You might be thinking...

That hiring an online coach is a major decision. I mean it's not like buying a phone or television. We take the coach/athlete relationship very seriously. So seriously that we don't want you to have any reservations at all about our running coach programs. For that reason we're going to offer you our...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 14 day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If by the end of 14 days into the coaching program,  you are not satisfied with your coaching, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund, (minus a $27.00 admin fee.)

In over 30 years of coaching, Coach Reno had great success with runners of all abilities and levels, from beginner to elite. We are confident we are that our philosophy can help you achieve your best possible running fitness.

We know that after you see the results... training and running better with our running training, you will want to continue as our client.

Note: Of course there is no absolute guarantee that by following our program you’ll suddenly run 'PR’s, because we're all individuals and what may work for most people may not work for everyone. NO running coach can guarantee that.

However, I've SEEN and EXPERIENCED the results of Reno's training methods and coaching running tips.

Just about every runner that we have coached has gone on to run at their top possible level of fitness.

I know they work and they will work for you too!

How To Sign Up For Your Free
No-Obligation Phone Consultation

  • Simply click the 'Book Your Consultation' button below.
  • After we receive your info, you will receive a training questionnaire email that coach Reno will use to help prepare for your consultation.
  • In the meantime, Reno will either call or email you to set up a phone consultation to discuss your training.
  • If you decide to receive coaching, we will then email you the PayPal link to make payment for your coaching program. Once your payment is approved, you will receive via email your first weeks training schedule within 48 hours.

*As I previously mentioned, there is no-obligation for the coaching consultation. During the consultation, you can decide if you want to go forward with our training program and run your best, or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Click on gray boxes to open answers)

I am a beginner, new to running and don't have a lot of experience. Will this program work for me?

What happens if I get hurt or injured and I can't continue training?

I am a competitive elite runner in my age-group. Do you have an 'advanced' coaching program suitable for me?

A have a friend who is looking for coaching. Do you offer any package deals?

Important Note: Because we offer personalized coaching that is altered on a weekly basis, depending on your feedback and not some 'cookie cutter' static downloadable template, we can only take on a limited number of runners.

So this means that it is possible we may not have an available coaching slot at this time.

If this is the case, we would refer you to a qualified alternate coach.​

Coach Reno - USATF 5K Championships