Patella Tendonitis Treatment... Remedy For Knee Pain Running

patella tendonitis treatment

Patella Tendonitis - Overcoming And
Surviving Pain In Knee Running Injury

Patella Tendinitis - pain in knee running: Inflammation and degeneration of the tendon that connects the kneecap (Patella) to the shin bone (Tibia.)

It is characterized by pain in the front of the knee that ranges from a dull ache to severe and sharp pain. As the inflammation progresses pain will occur during running and then maybe even at rest.


Patella tendonitis is an overuse syndrome. Repetitive or power jumping contributes to swelling and inflammation in the patella tendon. If untreated, small tears and degeneration of the tendon may occur. Poor muscle flexibility may also be responsible for causing patella tendinitis. Also running on courses that have a lot of turns and doing overdoing plyometric drills.


The usual recommended treatment is control of pain and inflammation with REST, icing, stretching and anti-inflammatory medication, followed by strength and flexibility exercise physical therapy program. Resume running only when symptoms have completely resolved.

Note: Correcting the muscle imbalance or structural problems is something that's very important to prevent future setbacks. Sometimes just a simple adjustment from a qualified chiropractor can take care of structural problems and have you back on your feet and running!

In 1993 I developed severe pain in knee running, (left knee). The pain was to intense to even think about running. I took almost an entire year off with no improvement. Finally I was referred to a deep tissue sports message specialist and after four visits, I was able to start running again. Tension/tightness in my piriformis and glute muscles were the culprit.

Cross friction massage of the patella ligament also can work wonders. This is done by putting the the thumbs on either side of the ligament then push back and forth.

pain in knee running

A knee or patella strap could also help in certain instances and my help with patella tendonitis treatment.

Another option is Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT)is a safe and effective, non-invasive (no incisions) alternative that eliminates many of the risks associated with conventional surgery. ESWT is indicated for patients who have experienced chronic pain for an extended period of time and have not responded to conservative treatment. ESWT delivers high-energy sound waves to the affected area to create a micro trauma that promotes revascularization and triggers the body’s natural repair mechanisms.

Pain in Knee Running... to Run or Not to Run?

Sometimes depending on the severity of patella tendonitis, you can still train with running knee pain. I just finally got over a six month dance with patella tendinitis. (Coach Reno had the same problem and got rid of it the same time I did!)

My knee was sore for the first 5-6 minutes of every run, but then the pain would diminish and I was able to run normally. Using ice for about 15 minutes right after I run helps a great deal as well. If the pain in knee running increased DURING the run... then that's when I would NOT run.

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