Marathon Running Tips For Running Marathons At Peak Performance

marathon running tips

Running a great marathon is a science or even a work of art. It's like piecing together a puzzle or following a recipe. Many runners sabotage their race because the marathon is such a long demanding event and many things can go wrong.

Important Marathon Running Rips
To Help You Race Your Best

Many runners when training for a marathon worry about piling on the mileage. It’s true you do need to do your long runs, but it’s also to important to incorporate planned marathon pace (PMP) workouts into your training. If all you do is long slow runs… guess what?... you’ll be great at running slow!

Of course if your goal is to just finish the marathon, you’ll be all set.

However, to run your fastest possible marathon it’s important for both physiological and psychological reasons to simulate your race condition.

Consider alternating weekly long runs with weekly PMP race. For example if your long run is 20 miles, the following week, do a 14-16 mile run with the first 8 miles at your normal long run pace… then run the next 6 miles at your PMP, followed by a 2 mile warm down.

Eventually you can gradually build the number of miles that you run at PMP up to about a 13 mile maximum.

Speaking of running a marathon race, here are a few running tips that will help you run your best race:

Racing Marathon Running Tip #1:

Know the course.  If it’s not a course your familiar with, if possible drive the race route before hand . Not only will you be familiar with the terrain, hills, etc. to plan your pre-race strategy, you can do race visualization in your mind in preparation for the race.

In addition another benefit of knowing the course is this eliminates the possibility of getting lost!

Unfortunately I speak from experience. In 1999 I ran the Vancouver Marathon. The marathoners and half marathon started together, which is common for many marathons. A couple of times the courses split off and rejoined.

At about mile 18-19 I mistakenly followed the half marathoners and wound up coming towards the finish line 7 miles short. By the time I realized my mistake it was too late. It was a real bummer because I was easily having a 'PB' day.

Racing Marathon Running Tip #2:

Continuously access your race... there are going to be good and bad stretches. If you go threw a bad patch… don’t worry about it and stay focused. Many times I’ve felt like crap, hung in there and wound up having a great race!

If you feel lousy and your off your planned pace, relax and resist the temptation to either try to get it back by running over your head, or getting down on yourself… effecting your performance.

Racing Marathon Running Tip #3:

Use those arms!... When you're running hills, it's important to make an effort to pump your arms and increase you're arm-swing. It will help you improve your hill technique during the race. Have your arms and legs work together and not against each other. Too many runners neglect their arms and this results in not maximizing their effort.

Also focus on using your arms at the end of the marathon when you're tired, as this will also help you maintain good form which improves your running economy, which results in you saving energy. Bottom line? Saving energy means running faster!

Turn your weaknesses into strengths!

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