Half Marathon Running Tips For Optimum Performance

half marathon running tips

Half marathon training and racing is a good test to determine if you are ready for the marathon.  A marathoner can test their ability to cover a long
distance at a faster then marathon pace depending on the course. 

Also this is an ideal time to test your fluid replacement drink. If it works under the conditions of a half marathon it will work for the marathon.

Half Marathon Running Tips #1:

If you plan to run both the half and full marathon, race a half marathon 6 to 8 weeks before your marathon. Not only will you benefit physiologically and psychologically, it will help make to the marathon effort feel easier.

Half Marathon Tips #2:

Another great half marathon running tip is to practice drinking the fluid replacement drink you will be using. Before the run place the drink every 2 to 3 miles around your running course. Make sure the drink is hidden so no one can tamper with it.

Half Marathon Running Tips #3:

A good workout to add to your half marathon training is to do a one mile warm up then a 13 mile run.

During the 13 miles do 5 minute pick ups at 5 seconds per mile pace faster then your marathon pace. Do 5 of these to start with then you can add one every two weeks leading up to the half marathon. Don't do any more
then 8 and only 3 to 4 two weeks before the half marathon.

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