Personalized Boston Marathon Training Program To Help You Run Your Best Boston Marathon

  • Having a Boston marathon training plan that's specifically geared for the historic Hopkinton to Boston Marathon course is the best way possible to ensure that you'll be running in Boston at the top of your game.
  • The first time I ran the Boston Marathon I didn't specifically train for the course and my quads just blew up on the downhills after Heartbreak Hill. (Ouch!)
  • Many runners at Boston get seduced by the early downhill miles and go out waaay too fast and pay the price down the road. 
Boston Marathon Start Line

It all starts here in historic Hopkinton, MA

This can and has happened to even the most experienced runners. And on top of that... the April weather is a crap shoot. In 2004 it was 90 degrees. I was WATCHING the race at about the 22 mile mark, standing in the sun and I was burning up and had to find shade! 

In 2007 we had to run in high wind and rain. So there are many more variables about running in Boston than most marathons.

Hi, this is Franc Karpo of Distance Running Tips. Along with  DRT head coach, (and age-grade National Champion), Reno Stirrat, we are here to help you run your best possible Boston marathon.

Preparation and the Right Boston marathon training are Critical to your Marathon success!

Distance Running Tips Coach - Reno Stirrat

Speaking of success... coach Reno ran an amazing 2:42:27 at the 2010 Boston Marathon which gave him an age group win - first in the 55-59 division.

Not only that, he also became only the second runner in the world to crack sub 2:45's in five straight decades! You can read all about it here, (written before Reno accomplished the 5 sub 2:45's) : Marathon Success... Five Decades - Sub 2:45.

With over 160,000 miles logged and 300 plus career wins, Reno is a coach and accomplished runner, who still practices what he preaches. :-)

So you can rest assured that Reno's coaching and training methods, are tried and tested, and not just 'theory'.

Rave Comments From One Of Our Runners Who Ran An Amazing 2014 Boston Marathon

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Without Reno as my coach, my plus 10 minute Boston Marathon P.R. NEVER would have been possible!.”

After Boston Qualifying on my own in a 50+ p.r. at the Lehigh Valley Marathon in Sept 2013, I did some looking in and around my age groups on the results page at the Boston website for the 2013 race. Being from South Florida,

I had zero clue how to train for Boston.

One man stood out on that stat sheet. Reno Stirrat, 2nd age 55-59 in 2:47 at Boston 2013 and running the course in perfect splits and even pace!

"I would proclaim a somewhat ludicrous goal to Reno in my initial phone conversation. I wanted a Grand Master p.r. by 10 minutes, and to run negative splits at Boston.

All the while having NEVER ran this race, let alone NEVER setting my eyes on the course. FACT. The first time I ever saw this fabled course was while running it!

With Reno's description of it, the strategy he would provide me with and the video he sent me of it. I felt like I was 100% prepared mentally along with the physically and timely tough workouts he had me do in his Boston marathon training plan. I was confident as ever from that first phone call to debut at Boston.

The proof in the pudding. 10:13 p.r. in 2:48:31 at age 52! By the way, I also ran 39 seconds negative split. 1:24:35 / 1:23:56. Something that is nearly impossible at Boston. Facts of the numbers are a stubborn thing to ignore. But I can say without a doubt, Reno got me to exactly what I thought was a crazy goal! Without Reno as my coach, this NEVER would've been possible!

Thank you so much coach, for taking the guess work out is it and truly helping me reach goals that deep down I thought were not possible!

Brian Keno 
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Boston Marathon Training Program To Help Prepare You To Run Your Best Marathon

OK, here's what you get with our special coaching package...

Initial phone consultation to formulate your training plan.

A full customized weekly Boston marathon training program.

Weekly 'email the coach' for training feedback.

*Plus, a final phone consultation after the marathon to
assess your race and discuss future training and racing goals.

With our personalized online coaching plans, we offer several coaching programs that run from $125.00 to $150.00 per month.

Our monthly training plans are top-notch quality personalized programs and are guaranteed to having you achieve your peak fitness.

But we're going to do even better than that. This 4 month Boston Marathon  
special rate is only going to cost $350.00 from now until the marathon!

Yes, you read that right...

Only $350.00 For This Boston
Marathon Training Plan!

*The standard rate for 4 months is $500.00, so this is a savings of $150.00.

Your Boston marathon training plan starts December 23rd and takes you all the way to the starting line!

And you'll get the same great benefits that you would normally get with our monthly training programs...

  • Initial phone consultation
  • A review of your training and past performance
  • Weekly training schedule
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence
  • Weekly training review

I know what you're thinking... wow that's a lot less than I thought it was going to be.

How come?

We Are Offering You This Great
Deal For Several Reasons...

  • Many runners are indecisive about what training to do.
    There are far too many self-directed, self-coached runners who have not achieved their true potential because they've never had the opportunity to receive professional coaching.
  • We are tired of seeing burnt out, over-trained runners having bad marathons.
    The Boston Marathon is a BIG deal. Its the Mecca of races.  Many runners are so motivated to run Boston, that they tend to over-train, (or train incorrectly) and either break down and get injuried, or become tired and flat, resulting in a sub-par performance.  We do our best to get you to the starting line, absolutely fit and rested to 'knock it out of the park'.
  • This is an introductory offer.
    When you join our team and run a great Boston Marathon, we are convinced that you will continue with us with one of our monthly coaching plans. So it's a win-win for everyone! We know that after you see the results... training and running better with our marathon training plan, you will want to continue as our client.

Important Note: There is no obligation. The consultation is free. At that point, you can decide to join us and receive a personalized Boston Marathon optimized coaching plan, or not... it will be your decision.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you'll run a 'PR', but we can guarantee that not only will you run your best possible race, but you will experience positive benefits in other areas of your life.

Coach Reno - USATF 5K Championships

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“One of my best marathons ever!”

"After 18 marathons and four years of a dramatic drop off in my marathon times, I seriously considered if marathoning was going to be in my future much longer."

"Reno and Franc put together a training program for me that was instrumental for me getting back on track and I was able to post one of my best marathons ever!"

Mike Hovagimian
Hopkinton, MA

“At age 50, I am now competitive with guys half my age!”

"Results with coach Reno after 3 months have been impressive..."

1. One of goals was to become injury-free. Since I have started with coach, I haven't had any injuries. In fact, he helped me overcome an injury that I got last fall.

2. I am enjoying the running so much more now with a balance of easy, tempo and hard days.

3. Race results - at the age of 50, I am now competitive again with the guys half my age!"

"I can't say enough about the team back in Boston and coach I appreciate all your help."

Steve Manning 
Hailua, HI
John Doe UI/UX Designer

OK - This Is How It Works...

  • Simply click the 'Book Your Consultation' button below.
  • After we receive your info, you will receive a training questionnaire email that coach Reno will use to help prepare for your consultation
  • In the meantime, Reno will either call or email you to set up a phone consultation to discuss your training.
  • If you decide to receive coaching, we will then email you the PayPal link to make $350.00 payment for your Boston marathon training program. Once your payment is approved, you will receive your first week Boston Marathon training plan within 48 hours.

As I previously mentioned, there is no obligation for the coaching consultation. During the consultation, you can decide if you want to go forward with our training program and prepare for Boston, or not.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30 day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If by the end of 30 days into the coaching program,  you are not satisfied with your coaching, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund, (minus a $27.00 admin fee.)

Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm running a different marathon than Boston. Can I get the same discounted rate?

What happens if I get hurt or injured and I can't run the race?

I didn't qualify for Boston. I got in through a charity. Will your program still work for me?

A have a friend who is looking for coaching. Do you offer any package deals?

P.S.: We only have 5 available coaching slots at this special discounted. Once we get 7 runners onboard, the price will go back up to the standard 4 month rate of $500.00.