Finally... A Step By Step  Personalized Coaching Program Designed For Beginner Runners Guaranteed To Get You Fit And Run Your Best 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You started running but gave up after not seeing any results.
  • Being stuck in the house due to Covid-19, you wanted to try running,  but felt too old, too slow. or too embarrassed to start.
  • You went online for some advice about running, but after reading about terms such as - intervals, fartleks, pylometrics, etc., it all sounded way too confusing.

Hi, this is Franc Karpo of Distance Running Tips. Along with  DRT head coach, (and age-division National Champion), Reno Stirrat, we are here to help guide you on your journey as a new runner.

Franc Karpo

Running Doesn't Have To Be A Struggle!

Many people start running with good intentions, but with no experience, and no guidance, soon loose motivation and simply give-up.

And then it's back to a 'coach potato' lifestyle. :-)

Yes, running can be a struggle and frustrating - but it doesn't have to be this way!

Running can be one of the best thing you'll ever do in your life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Having Your Own Running Coach To Guide You With A Personalized Training Program Is The Key To Success

Yes, you can try running without a coach, but it's like trying to prepare a gourmet meal without any instructions.

You can throw all the ingredients together without a plan and you might get lucky.

Or, you may wind up with a disaster in the kitchen. :-)

So, having a plan of action is important.

Coach Reno - USATF 5K Championships

With a proven coach with years of experience coaching beginner runners,  you can avoid the pitfalls that most new runners make, such as:

  • Running the wrong types of workouts.
  • Trying to do too much too soon.
  • Wearing the wrong type of running shoe.
  • Suffering a running injury.

Coach Reno Stirrat Can Help You Run Your Best


Personalized Coaching

We specialize in 'Personalized Coaching'. Many online coaches do not have that 'personal' touch. They just provide you with a generic template. We pride ourselves in building relationships, not in just how many runners we have.

Email is convenient and it’s a big part of our communication, but if you'd like, you can actually get to talk to coach Reno on the phone.


Proven Track Record

A Proven Track Record So You Can Feel Confident. Not only has Reno been a successful coach… he’s an awesome runner.

He is one of the best 65-69 year old runners in the country. In 1989 he won the Cape Cod Marathon in brutal conditions. Reno ran this race again (October 2007) and a new course record in the 50-59 age group with a 2:45:47.

In 2009 he become a national champion with a first place victory in the 55-59 division for the USATF 5K championships with a 16:45 in Syracuse, NY.


Customized Training Schedules

These are NOT 'cookie cutter' training schedules! Based on your answers to a client questionnaire, we will create a training program specifically geared to your running needs and goals. This is a super important benefit!

You will be confident that our online coaching is exactly what you need to run your best because it will be created especially for you.

Coach Reno's beginner training system has helped many new to running with an excellent 'start-up' program and many became life-long runners! 

If your goal is to develop some overall general fitness, loose weight, or even to start running races and look to boost fitness and improve your race times, our personalized coaching is 

designed to do just that.

Running is a stressful sport and doing it yourself without having an experienced running coach to guide your training is like shooting arrows at a bulls-eye blindfolded!

To have consistent results, to score that bulls-eye and run at your best... you need a running coach.

distance running coach

Results You Can Expect... Or Even Better! 

Shannon Elliott
Clifton, NJ

"Reno has been so amazing to put together a personal program for me. As a beginner, I wasn't sure how much I would be able to improve, but in just six weeks I took over two minutes off my 5K time!"

Here Are The Step By Step Details About Our
Personalized Coaching

Initial free phone or video consultation

Weekly personalized training schedule

Unlimited e-mail correspondence

Weekly training & coaching review

Sounds Great, But I know You Are Wondering...

The Standard Rate for the Beginner Training Package is:

Basic Package - One month: $150.00
Deluxe Package - Three months: $375.00 ($125.00 per month)

However, We Have A Special Covid-19  Discount Offer For You

With the Coronavirus lockdown, many people have decided to start running, (or thought about starting), so there is a need right now for new runners to get expert advice and guidance.

After talking with coach Reno, we have decided to offer beginners a special  50% discounted for anyone who signs up for coaching.

With your discount, your price would be:

Basic Package - one month: $75.00
Deluxe Package - 3 months: $185.00
($65.00 per month)

You might be thinking...

That hiring an online coach is a major decision. I mean it's not like buying a phone or television. We take the coach/athlete relationship very seriously. So seriously that we don't want you to have any reservations at all about our coaching program. For that reason we're going to offer you our...

money back


14 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 14-Days

Sign-Up With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

You are fully protected by our 14 day 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If by the end of 14 days of coaching, you are not satisfied with your coaching, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund, (minus a $10.00 PayPal admin fee.)

How To Sign Up For Your Free
No-Obligation Consultation

  1. 1
    Simply click the 'Book Your Consultation' button below.
  2. 2
    After we receive your info, you will receive a training questionnaire email that coach Reno will use to help prepare for your consultation.
  3. 3
    In the meantime, Reno will  email you to set up either an phone  or video consultation to discuss your training.
  4. 4
    If you decide to receive coaching, we will then email you the PayPal link to make payment for your coaching program. Once your payment is approved, you will receive via email your first weeks training schedule within 48 hours.

*As I previously mentioned, there is no-obligation for the coaching consultation. During the consultation, you can decide if you want to go forward with our training program and run your best, or not.

Running tips ebook
Free Bonus!
Plus... when you sign up for your consultation, you will receive a free bonus - Running Tips For Beginners eBook.
This is a compilation of several years of ‘Ask The Coach’ Q & A that has excellent advice for new runners.

Another Success Story 

Leslie Scheideler
Brookline, MA

"I had more than a five minute improvement in my 5K time in eight weeks working with coach Reno!"

Reno Stirrat
Distance Running Tips Coach

A Personal Note From Coach Reno

"I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of training with a coach. I have been running since I was 14, and I know how much better I ran after I got a coach."

"It isn't always about running fast; sometimes it's about running slower but smarter. Someone on the outside can see what you cannot. There is nothing more important than having a caring and dedicated coach motivating you to achieve more, to go the extra step, to help you believe that you too can do it."