5K Running Tips That Will
Boost Your Fitness Level And
Have You Running At Your Best

5K running tips

Since the 5K is my favorite racing distance, I'm always on the lookout for 5K running tips that I can use to give me that extra 'edge' with my 5K training program. (Coach Reno's favorite is the half marathon.)

The 5K, 3.1 miles, is a race distance anyone who runs can do. It is also the fastest race most of us will run. We tend to hurt more intensely in a 5K because we don't put together a proper 5K training schedule. Many runners tend to shy away from speed. Speed workouts can be done with out misery if done correctly.

5K Running Tips #1:

When you're running a 5K, don't go out to fast. If you do, you'll blow up faster than Jiffy Pop in a microwave oven! Try and hold back the first 1/2 mile. Instead work the last half mile with what you saved on the first 1/2 mile.

This is easier said than done because as you know most runners go out waaaay too fast and die a slow death. We need to try to rein in that adrenaline that first half mile. If you do this... the payoff is, you'll pass many runners at the end. Not only will you generally run a faster race with this strategy, it is psychologically powerful to finish strong instead of 'just hanging on'.

5K Running Tips #2:

If you have a weakness during the race work on it during your 5K training program. Lets say you are doing 6 x 800 on the track. In your last race if your middle mile felt like your worst mile, during your workout run your 3rd and 4th 800 a little faster then rest. If you had a tough last mile in the race do the 5th and 6th 800 a little faster. Then in the race stay true to the workouts and follow through.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths!

5K Running Tips #3:

Work on your kick for the end of the race. At the end of your training runs do 4 X 30 second strides with full recovery.

Imagine a runner ahead of you and go about 90% of all out while staying relaxed and maintaining good form. You can do this twice a week.

So when you're coming down the stretch in a 5K, you will have the physiological training and mental confidence knowing that you will have a great kick!

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