10K Running Tips For Achieving Your Top 10K Racing Fitness

10K Running Tips

The 10K training approach is a bit different than the 5K. While just about anyone can hop in a 5K, a 10K requires more stamina, endurance and ability to hold speed for a longer period of time.

The 10K is also a good distance to learn about threshold pace which is important for any competitive runner.

10K Running Tips #1:

Running rhythm is very important in the 10K race. I like to call it the zone. A good running workout to get in the zone is to warm up and then run at your 10K race pace for 2 miles. Warm down. You can do this either on the track, or on the road which would simulate race conditions even more. You can go up to 3 miles on this workout.

10K Running Tips #2:

Long runs are important in any 10K training plan. Getting in two 10-12 mile runs every month will boost your endurance and will provide excellent strength to help with fatigue during the race.

10K Running Tips #3:

Another great workout on your regular training coarse is to do a fartlek workout. The following fartlek workout is a more structured one, but stimulates the race and is an excellent addition to any 10K training schedule.‚Äč

Warm up, then run 5 minutes... a little faster then your 10K race pace. Recover for 2 minutes then run 10 minutes at your 10K race pace. Recover for 3 minutes then run 5 minutes a little faster then your 10K race pace. You can also practice your kick at the end of the last 5 min. Warm down and you will have simulated a 10K.

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