Running Tips To Help Get You On The Fast Track To Peak Running Fitness

With 40 plus years of distance running training and racing, I know that it can be a real hassle to figure out what training advice will actually help you train better and race faster.

Don't you agree?

It doesn't matter what race you're planning; a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon... or even an ultra marathon, figuring out what type of running workout and training program that would work best for you without any guidance is almost an impossible task.

This is Franc Karpo and along with Distance Running Tips running coach, Reno Stirrat, (who also has 40 plus years of experience running and racing), we've put together this web site and online running coach guide to help you achieve your peak running fitness and run your best.

Distance Running

Distance Running Tips Coach - Reno Stirrat

Trying to implement a training running program by yourself can be frustrating and a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately I know... I speak from experience 🙂

We have known many runners of all ages and abilities not even come close to their full distance running training and racing potential simply because they lacked proper coaching.

So we know there's a real need out there for quality distance running information to help people achieve their running and racing goals.

We know there is a ton of running workout info on the web, but you don't have the time (nor energy) to start browsing and searching through web site after web trying to piece together a training running plan that's suited to your needs.

So consider us your 'one-stop' shopping site for all your distance running needs.

In addition to the free running advice you'll find on this web site, we'll also have online coaching programs available.

Having a personalized coaching program will make a huge difference in your distance running training and racing. There are many runners out there who have not achieved their true running potential because of the lack of proper coaching.

These distance running tips can help you achieve all your goals and maybe a few you never dreamed of!

OK, it's time dig into these dynamic running tips... lace up your trainers and have your best running year ever!

Have a question about distance running? You can check out our 'ask coach Reno' with your most important question about your running!

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